Benefits of Speed Training

There are some major benefits to speed training. Are you trying to decide if speed training is worth all the extra work?

The answer is "YES". You can look at it as if you were studying for a big test, it’s not fun but it is worth it in the end.

Let me tell you...Coaches love athletes who can go above and beyond for the team. In college ball the coaches have one goal the first week of practice, that is to try an run your butt off. They don't want anyone who can't handle the stress of playing college ball and who wont go the extra mile.

Starting a program is a very important step in the right direction and starting young may be one of the best things you can do. I will train kids as young as 10 years old. Starting young will teach them good techniques and keep them from developing bad habits. It is harder to break a habit than it is to
teach them the proper techniques. Not only does it teach good habits but speed training will help develop stronger muscles and protect the knee and other joint from problems. No matter what age you are it will benefit you to start a program.

Let me break down the muscle aspect to speed training. When speed training you use every muscle in your body, not just your legs. You will develop stronger legs, arms, and core. It is simple the stronger you are the better you will be. Look at it like this, if you put a bigger motor is a car it will go faster. The stronger you are the faster you will be on the field.

There are other benefits too! Speed training will give you a stronger heart and lungs. By having a stronger heart and lungs you will be able to stay on the field longer and a better chance to make the score.


It is 4th and goal, the score is 6 to 7, with time for one play.

Who does the ball go to?

The guy who has been out of breath since the game started or the "HERO" who has been working his butt off and still looks like he could take on the other team by himself.

Who'd you send out? ...Work hard -Play hard - Be the Hero.

Stay Fast!!! and remember the benefits of speed training go to those that PRACTICE.